The celebration of Christmas in the city of Cusco acquires a typical Andean celebration where all the inhabitants are participants of it. All the monuments and squares are decorated with lights, garlands and Christmas motifs. Thus, every 23 and 24 December in the main square is held a larger fair of folk art and customs of Peru. This is a very important fair that takes place in the city of Cusco in the month of December, specifically on the 24th of that month in the Plaza de Armas of the City. It is a fair that brings together many important artisans from the region of Cusco and in which there are exhibitions of their handicrafts, this day also leave at the fairs the so-called "springs" that come from different parts of Cusco to present different herbs brought each one of their zones and that serve to decorate the births and cribs.
The Quechua name "Santurantikuy" gives Spanish translation "Venta de Santos" and is in itself different statuettes or carvings of Santos that are offered for sale at the Cusco fair. All, or a large part of them, have the purpose of being able to serve as decorations for the decoration of important Christmas births.

In the Santurantikuy is where hundreds of the most outstanding craftsmen from Cusco and other regions of the country, expose beautiful and original works fruit of their creative spirit throughout the year. This day, settlers from different communities arrive, following the custom of traditional Andean fairs. You can see all kinds of artisan objects such as wood carvings, pottery, and altarpieces. During the nights the traditional punches are sold to warm up the body. Currently, the Santurantikuy fair is organized by the Municipal Celebration Company of Cusco, EMUFEC giving it an order and a functional sense with duly marked spaces and delimited by specialties. This day also all the parishes and churches of Cusco assemble their births in honor of the arrival of the baby Jesus.

Published date: 19/07/2019

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