Virgin of Almudena

The Virgin Nativity of Our Lady of the Almudena is one of the most iconic representations of Santa MaríaVirgen and her devotion is widely spread throughout Peru and especially Cusco. Its celebration takes place on September 7, 8 and 9; however, the celebrity began on August 29, with the traditional entrance called "t'ikaapakuy" (entrance of flowers), whose journey begins in the Plaza San Francisco towards the temple of Almudena. On August 29 the usual procession of the Virgin takes place, in the hours of the morning it lasts approximately four hours, ecclesiastical delegations, civilians accompany the Virgin between songs and prayers. Its origin of the Virgin of Nativity of Almudena, Cusco, is a work of the indigenous artist Juan Tomás Tuyrotúpac, a replica of the virgin of the Almudena of Madrid (Spain), commissioned by Bishop Manuel Mollinedo. The image is carved with the face uncovered and the body covered with clothes, it carries the Child Jesus in its arms; behind the Virgin, she accompanies an Angel, wearing a protective umbrella, goes out in procession on holidays, especially in Corpus Christi and on her anniversary.

September 9th is the central date of its celebration, after the Holy Mass in the Plaza de la Almudena. The Virgin is carried on her shoulders in procession through the historic center of Cusco, accompanied by the large crowd and the different dance troupes.

Many dances are presented, typical dances native to the region of Cusco the Siqllas, Majeño, Qoyacha, and Qapaq Qolla and also foreign dances, from the Puno highlands. His dances are very striking in the eyes of the attendees, such as the Sayas, Diabladas, Caporales, danced by the inhabitants of Puno.

Published date: 19/07/2019

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