Earth Day - Pachamama

The ancient Peruvian cultures developed a close link with the nature of respect, fear, and adoration. The origin is born concerning the mother earth or Pachamama, men and animals depended exclusively on what the earth produced and provided, this led to the need to express their veneration to the Earth as a source of life. The religion of the Andean world starts from the Andean cosmovision, the Inti, or Sun God, was one of the most important gods, the Apus constituted the spirits that lived in the tutelary mountains and Mother Earth (Pachamama) was the goddess of fertility. It is for this reason that, in the form of thanking the spirits associated with the natural forces, the benefits or benefits granted to them are made these payments or offerings. The offerings that are buried in Mother Earth include coca leaves (for the Andean cosmovision are the mediators between nature and the human) variety of cereal seeds, silver not worked, sullus (fetuses of llamas or sheep), chicha, wine , fat of animals, sweets and huairuros (red and black seeds with symbolic and magical powers).

The payment to the land or Pachamama is often practiced in the Peruvian Andes, is done on the first day of August and continues throughout the month because the farmers say that at this time that period the Pachamama is thirsty and hungry, and it is necessary to satisfy, nourish it and offer the best foods to give it strength and energy. Another form of offering is the apachetas or mounds of stone left by walkers near the Apus, in a way of respect for allowing to reach these places. In festivals or social gatherings, it is also common to throw beer or chicha on the land simulating respect and payment for everything it offers for human consumption.

The offering ceremony to the Pachamama is of ancestral origin as part of a system of reciprocity that the ancestors had with the spiritual world, whose purpose is to return to Mother Earth what has been given to her. The rituals are destined to the Apus (the masculine aspect of nature) and the Pachamama (feminine aspect of nature), the breaking of this reciprocity would break the harmony and in the natural, social and religious systems. The person in charge of performing the ceremony is the "altomisayoq" who claims to have supernatural powers and communication with the spirit world. It offers the offering called "office", after requesting permission a table tends and among prayers those present make their prayers asking for a lot of faith in personal benefit and aspects that they consider important for a harmonious coexistence between humans and nature. That is why the month of August of each year is the month dedicated to Mother Earth or Pachamama a month of recidivism and gratitude.

Published date: 19/07/2019

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