Festivity of the Lord of Qoyllority

One of the most important celebrations for the Cusqueños is the pilgrimage to Lord of Qoyllority. The faithful walk to the foothills of the Sinakara mountain to pay homage to the appearance of the Andean Christ in the sacred rock. The story tells that Jesus appeared to the little shepherd Marianito, in the form of the boy Manuel dressed in fine fabrics and with whom he shared the days of shepherding the flames. When trying to be trapped by the parishioners and settlers Manuelito the boy disappears and the image of Jesus crucified is impregnated in the rock. And the boy Marianito dies where he was buried next to the rock.

This pilgrimage takes place between the months of May and June, the date is movable according to the Andean calendar and the festivities. Thousands of pilgrims must walk almost 8 kilometers to reach the Sanctuary where the physical and cold stress indicates the payment of their sins and the sacrifice they make in honor of the Lord of Qoyllority. The pilgrim knows the dates of the celebration according to the Andean calendar, thousands of faithful devotees come from all over the South of Peru. Through the faith of the faithful, it is customary to walk with great pride to the "Sacred Rock" and to be able to touch it to render all its prayers and prayers. On this tour, you can see the presence of musicians and dancers to pay tribute to each cross that represents the way of Jesus.

Days before the central celebration hundreds of costumed dancers, comparsas and accompanied by musicians must make a pilgrimage to reach the Sanctuary of Qoyllority. The dancers organized in nations that arrive from the different provinces of the Cusco region must fulfill a strict agenda that was organized months before by the Brotherhood of the Lord of Qoyllority. They are the highest authority throughout the celebration of the festival. Throughout the celebration, all the dancers express all their joy and dance with great fervor to render honor and worship to our beloved Lord of Qoyllority "Star of the Snows". While the known Ukukus or Bears known as the soldiers of the Christ are those who keep order during all the days of celebration and mass. In this celebration, each of comparsas is composed of many members from the head that is the quimichu, caporal, mamahuaylis or cooks who are responsible for feeding all the dancers and musicians. The maqtas who are responsible for making their thanks throughout the celebration to provide happiness to all pilgrims.

The faithful devotees arrive with great fervor to the Shrine to render adoration and worship to Christ, with prayers, songs, music, and prayers. According to the customs, it is believed that when they acquire the alasitas or miniature goods such as cars, cattle, stores, businesses, land titles, etc. The custom of the villager says that if you acquire them at some point the Lord of Qoyllority will bless you with obtaining them in your real life. Thus, the faith calls many Cusqueños to make the pilgrimage to the Sanctuary of Qoyllority to render adoration, worship and receive blessings. This celebration is related to the fertility of the Pachamama (or Mother Earth) along with the adoration of the Apus who are the hills (in this case the one who shelters the image of the Christ) who are in charge of providing protection to all humanity.

Published date: 16/05/2019

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