Inti Raymi - Fest of Sun

During the time of the Incas, it was one of the most important festivals during the time of the Incas. According to some chroniclers, the Inti Raymi was celebrated on June 21 date where the Andean New Year began the celebration lasted nine days where they performed dances, music, sacrifices and had the presence of all priests, Incas, and representatives of the real panacas. Every June 21 the sun god or Punchao used to move further away from the earth and that also coincides with the beginning of the winter solstice, the temperatures used to be lower than in the whole year. It is for this reason that the supreme Inca with the help of the priests attracted the god into a great celebration to the sun god with sacrifices and cults. For the Incas to make these sacrifices and cults the sun god expressed his recognition with the favor of his rays to fertilize the land and ensure the welfare of the entire empire of Tahuantinsuyo. For the sacrifice, a flame was offered to predict the coming year. The belief of the Incas that the sun with its light sustained all the things of the earth for this reason the Incas gave thanks for the harvests received during the year.

At present, the celebration of the Inti Raymi silk on the date of June 24 is one of the most awaited by all the Cusquenians and foreign visitors. The staging of the Inti Raymi begins in the Qoricancha or Temple of the Sun. The great Inca with all his retinue of priests and representatives of each manifest all the hubbub to the beat of the songs, musical airs, dance delegations parade with their typical clothes while ñustas, coyas and pallas advance in undulating rows in honor of the inti god. After greeting the inti and all the attendees advance to the parade ground and then to the main esplanade of Sacsayhuaman. While the pututus, the cornets, and the quenas sound, the Inca stands up, stretches his arms towards the horizon and pays homage to the Inti by raising two large golden glasses filled with chicha.
Thus, the Imperial City of Cusco becomes the epicenter of tourism nationally and internationally.

This 2019 is commemorated 75 years since this celebration was instituted so the organizers seek to present a unique show that enhances the traditions inherited from our Incas ancestors.

Published date: 14/05/2019

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