Jubilee celebrations of Cusco

The jubilee month of the imperial city of Cusco takes place throughout the month of June because it is the most festive month. During the month of June, all of Cusqueño salutes the imperial city of all the Tahuantinsuyo. The initiation of this jubilee month begins with the embanderamiento of the city where each citizen places the flag of Tahuantinsuyo in their houses in homage to the day of Cusco. The opening of the Jubilee month continues with the offering to the Pachamama or Mother Earth. Invoking the success of the Festivities of Cusco and the brotherhood that should reign in these celebrations. Continuing with the opening tribute is paid to Mr. Humberto Vidal Unda who instituted the parties of Cusco and the Inti Raymi. The parades that are performed by all educational institutions, initial, primary, secondary. As well as the participation of public and private institutions. These parades last almost the entire month, every citizen of Cusco dresses in a typical costume and dances to the sound of typical music to pay homage and salute to the imperial city of Cusco.

The night of lights and sound with the participation of different national artists brought by the EMUFEC, this institution is in charge of scheduling and organizing the entire jubilee month of Cusco including the organization of the great festival of the Inti Raymi. With the participation of more than 300 actors, who will show us their art in magnificent scenarios. Throughout the month of June more than 200,000 tourists arrive in the imperial city to enjoy this fabulous month full of music, dances, colors, flavors of gastronomy and joy of all the Cusqueños. Tourists of different nationalities arrive mainly from North America, Germans, French and English. To enjoy the festivities that are scheduled throughout the month of June. As well as national tourists from Lima and Arequipa are added to the great celebration of the jubilee month of Cusco.

So if you are thinking about coming to Peru the month of June is perfect for you to visit the imperial city, not only to know the wonder of Machu Picchu world and its surroundings; also takes advantage of knowing more about their customs. You will join the feeling of before and you will be able to understand the cosmovision of the Inca culture.

Published date: 13/05/2019

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