Pilgrimage Lord of Qoyllority

During the months of May and June the festival is celebrated to the Lord of Qoyllority. The tour starts at around 9:00 pm at night. We will depart from the city of Cusco to the community of Mahuayani. We will travel for approximately three hours via an asphalt road. We will pass through different towns, through the Ocongate district until we reach our starting point of Mahuayani. Here we will set things up to start the walk, but before we will have a hot tea of coca leaf or coffee to acclimate and start our walk. After a short rest, we will start our walk along with the other pilgrims will walk in the light of the moon in procession with the music of the dancers. On the way, we will find small shops where we can take a hot mate if you wish. After walking for 3 hours we will arrive at the Sanctuary of the Lord of Qoyllority at approximately 04:00 am, at a strategic point we will set up our tent to camp where we can rest and sleep. After a restful break, we will have breakfast and start the tour of the Lord of Qoyllority Sanctuary. First, we will go to the church where the image of the Lord of Qoyllority is located, we will share the living culture of the people and we will receive the explanation of our guide. Then we will go to the mountains where we can appreciate some Andean customs and rites. Here we can leave our apachetas as a symbol of gratitude with the Apus or mountains. After an hour of walking at more than 4800 masl, we will arrive at a small lake in Sinakara where we can give thanks to the Apus for having allowed us to reach this place. After enjoying the living customs, we will sprout up to our camp for lunch. After lunch and a rest, we will participate again and appreciate the dances and enjoy the music. In the afternoon we will ready our stores to return to the town of Mahuayani. Along the same path, we will walk for approximately 2 ½ hours, the descent will be easier. In Mahuayani we can locate our mobility to return to the city of Cusco.

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