Qeswachaka The Last Inca Bridge

Transform yourself into history and visit the last Inca bridge, surrounded by the beauty of the Andes and the traditions of our ancestors. We will start our adventure very early, we will start at 4:30 am with the pick up from your hotel. The first stop will be in Combapata, where we will stop to use the hygienic services and enjoy the local breakfast (2 glasses of quinoa and bread with cheese). Then we will go to the viewpoint of Combapata, continuing with the tour we will pass through the district of Yanaoca is one of the eight districts of the province of Canas in Cusco. Then we will continue our tour for another hour and we will arrive at the Q'ewe district where the famous Inca bridge of "Q'eswachaka" is located, which is built with vegetable fiber and has a length of 28.67 meters. The surprising thing is that it is rebuilt once a year in the month of June by four local communities. Upon arrival, we will have time to explore Q'eswachaka and the surrounding area, while the guide will tell you the history of this Inca engineering work. We will continue our trip for an hour more appreciating the best scenarios of the Andes. And we will appreciate the Lagunas of Pampamarca, Asnacqocha, Acopia and Pomacanchi where we will stop to make our lunch "Picnic" observing a great amount of regional flora and fauna experiencing an enriched Andean culture ending our lunch "Picnic" returning to Cusco we will make a stop in the Portal de Rumipunku to finally reach Cusco in our tourist transport for an average of 2 hours, arriving at approximately 17:00 pm.

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